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Where Are You Planted - Psalm 1

A Good Crisis - Acts 9

Lent - Matthew 6

The Real Thing - 1 Corinthians 13

A Healthy Body is... A Place Where I Am Alive

A Healthy Body is... A Place to Belong - Romans 12:4-20 

Making the Ordinary Extraordinary 

God is With Us - Matthew 1:18-25

Fruit of the Spirit - Part 2 - Galatians 5:22,23 

How to Change Your Mind - Romans 12:1-2 

When God Wants You to do Nothing - Psalm 46:10 

When Things Don't Go According to Plan - Ruth 

Fruit of the Spirit - Part 1 (Family Sunday) 

Freedom from Sin - John 8:31-36

Freedom from Fear - 2 Timothy 1:7

How to Build A Wall - Nehemiah 2:12-3:2

Thank God for People - Philippians 1:3

Back to Basics - Part 4 - How to be A Worshipper

Back to Basics - Part 3 - How to Use Your Sword

How to be a Powerful Weakling

Back to Basics - Part 2 - When Following Jesus Isn't Easy

Back to Basics - Part 1 - Change Your Life.  Follow Jesus

I Messed Up....Now What?

Sheep Among Wolves

The Song of Your Life

What Running Taught Me About the Christian Life

The Scandal of the Cross

Hear His Voice

Why Church Gets in God's Way.... & How to Fix it 

 Make a Scene

What to do If Your Boss is a Jerk

How to Turn Nothing into Something

How to Win by Losing

Yes, We Can!

The Father's Love

How to Plant Your Mustard Seed

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Part 3- The New Law- Love God.pdf

Part 2- The New Law- Love Your Neighbour.pdf

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Week 4- Signs and Wonders.pdf

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